Dear Orange County Resident,
We here in the Orange County Government are continually striving to make our strategic priorities a reality. In doing so, it’s critical that we evaluate the level of service we provide to you across all service areas, whether it’s creating a vibrant economy, fostering environmental stewardship, facilitating resident well-being, or any other key community needs. We need your thoughts on issues like economic development, the County’s recreational facilities, and how safe you feel in your community. That’s why we’re reaching out with this survey, and if you could give us 10-15 minutes of your time, your insights will be invaluable.

Your anonymous answers to the Orange County Community Survey will provide Commissioners and staff with vital feedback concerning opportunities and challenges facing our community. Please have anyone 18 years or older in your household complete the survey.

If you have any questions about the Orange County Community Survey, please contact Ryan Murray, ETC Institute’s Project Manager at or call (913) 254-4598.

For us to continually improve how we serve you, we depend on your valuable insights and time. We genuinely appreciate you helping us improve the future of Orange County.